Saturday, January 7, 2012

Views of the Ottawa river freezing up

Oh yeah, I have a blog!  I'd almost forgotten since I got back from the States.  I don't think I even posted any pictures from California this time, I was so swept away by Utah and had so many good pictures from there.

Here are some photos of the Ottawa river that I have taken from my condo since I've been back.  When I got here Dec. 20, the river still hadn't frozen, but here are a few as it gradually closes in.

First that I took was Dec. 24, just starting to freeze up a bit:

Dec. 28, closing in a bit more:

Jan 5, it's probably as frozen as it gets, the rapids stay open.  The area around the rapids opens up a bit on warmer days and closes in more on cold ones, it may become more constant as the cold weather hangs in as time goes on:

This is just a photo of the misty conditions out there today at sunset:

I'm still really happy with my condo.  As you can tell I love the northwestern view of the river and sky, and I totally love the indoor pool- I swim around 3 times a week.  I can also go out the back door and start XC skiing right beside the building, and go pretty much as far as I want in 3 directions along the bike paths and into the conservation area.  Not bad for an otherwise urban location!