Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bumper crop of oranges

We've had William, our orange tree, for several years now.  Most years we get an orange from him, one year as many as three.   This year, we moved to the house with the roof deck, and living four stories closer to the sun seems to be agreeing with him.  Plus, we tried watering him more this year.

Here's William in April 2015, on the right, a few months after the move, and before blossoming:

William grew a lot up on the roof deck, and filled out considerably.  I forgot to take pictures while in blossom, but he was covered with them.  Of all the little fetal oranges, nine started to grow, and seven remained on to grow to full size.  Here he is in November, with oranges.  You can see that they are full size, even on a small potted orange tree:

Here he is on December 31, with the oranges ready to pick:

Here are the slices from one of them:

We ate them while my brother and sister-in-law were visiting.  They were the best oranges we'd ever had.

I hope we get a good crop next year, too.  They were delicious.