Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A hard day at the office

Well, we might have actually snuck out of the office for a few hours.  Once or twice a year the staff of the Health Centre heads out on the land for a little outing with our buddies the RCMP.

Last week the weather was actually abysmal, but we planned an outing for last Friday anyway.  I think the two hours we went out for turned out to be the only two good hours of the week- it cleared just as we headed out and closed back in as we returned to town.

Here are some of the photos... don't go away. as I'll have more in upcoming blog posts.

We didn't get very far before we came to a lead (a crack in the ice with open water, for any southern friends not familiar with the term).  Had to go out and look for a good place to cross it:

Another photo showing the lead in the ice.

I was a passenger in the komatik, and it was bouncing so much I took a trillion photos hoping just a few would turn out.  Thanks to the weather though, almost all of them turned out.  I'll try not to inflict too many though.  But here are some of the Greenlander mountain, from a different angle than I usually see it at from town:

Here are two pasted together as a panorama- I was lazy with the colour correction, the left hand photo wanted to stay blue and I didn't want to fight it:

Here's looking into Grise Fiord:

Close up of the end of the Fiord:

Some of the lower hills that form part of the southwestern side of the Fiord:

These are low islands in front of one of the mountains.

Clouds were just so dramatic and beautiful too during the short window when the weather cleared:

Looking back at where town is.  The low islands are at the right, we've passed them now.

So stay tuned... next stop is an ancient (or thereabouts) polar bear trap that dates back probably to the time of the Thule.

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