Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frary Peak trail and Dooly Knob

We headed over to the east side of Antelope Island a little late in the day to do the planned hike of Frary Peak.  There was a side trail to "Dooly Knob" that was shorter, so we took that instead.  It still gave us great views.  I'll restrain myself and show you just a few photos.

Here's a look over the water at some of the Wasatch Mountains which run to the east of Salt Lake City, stretching north and south of the city too:

Here's a view from near the top of the "knob", looking northwest at Great Salt Lake:

Just some rocks near the top of the hike:

Next up will be a trip into the mountains in Big Cottonwood Canyon, to the southeast of Salt Lake City, so don't go far...

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