Monday, April 16, 2012

Ice truckin', Ellesmere-style

Some years in Grise Fiord they plow out an ice road on Jones Sound.  One year they needed it, as they'd run out of water and had to access an iceberg to get ice to melt, but most years it's just built for fun, to give people somewhere to drive to.  One year it went to the old town which is across the fiord from here.  This year it goes to some little islands that are on the other side of the fiord.

It was finished the day the doctor was making his visit, so after work we went to check it out.

Here's me, with our trusty vehicle:

My passengers, admiring the view of the mountains and the fiord.

Here's the road on the way back to town.  It was pretty smooth, except for one axle-splitting humungous deep and wide crack at almost the end of the road.  Made it over, although if I had seen it coming I would have stopped and turned around.

Grise Fiord from the road:

I never get tired of looking at the Greenlander mountain, I hope you don't either:

These photos were taken around 9 pm or so at night.


  1. Nice pics. Are the going to deduct the axle replacement on that Chevy Traverse in small installments from your pay?

  2. Found Grise Fjord in google maps, but I can't figure out where you were actually driving.