Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meanwhile, back at Paramount ranch...

I've been very slow to post my photos this summer.  These are from a July hike in the Santa Monica mountains, on parkland that used to belong to Paramount studios.  It has the "western town" set which has been seen in several movies and on TV, and is still used for filming sometimes.

Here's the general store, with the saloon in the background:

The barbershop, with part of the hotel to the right:

Horseback riders can use this park too, here are two rounding the corner of the hotel for a very western photo op:

The house on the left is occupied by a real live tenant, probably a groundskeeper / security person:


Sheriff's jail house:

Shed at the edge of town:

I think the brick building on the left was the bank:

Farmer's exchange:

A couple of photos from the hike.  The trails aren't really long, but it was a hot day, so they were certainly long enough.

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