Saturday, February 21, 2015


We had a dental team visiting for a couple of days, so it gave us a good excuse to pile into the vehicle  between appointments and head out to inspect the local icebergs.  Here's a view of all 3 of them, with the just-past-noonday sun hiding behind them:

Now, these are quality bergs.  Look at that ice wall, beautiful!

Just proving I was really there ... the middleberg is on the right, and the first one, Niceberg, behind my head.  Look how long the shadows are of me and my photographer.

We definitely had to go inspect that cave ...

If it wasn't so darned COLD I would have liked to stick around and admire the subtle colours of ice (the patch in the cave really is yellow), but I scooted back to the vehicle after the one below ...

Good thing for photos, I can admire the ice patterns from the comfort of my living room:

Here's the middleberg as I jogged back to the vehicle.  After this the camera batteries died, so no photos of berg 3 this time.  Guess we'll just have to drive out there again sometime soon ...

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