Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon tidal ice

The tides were super low this evening, I guess because of the supermoon last night.

I'm standing in soft frozen salt-water slush on the beach to take this one.  These ice chunks are around twice as tall as I am:

Looking back at the RCMP station from the beach:

Below is the floor of the bay, usually water-covered.  I walked around halfway across it in my rubber boots, and could have gone further, except I hadn't checked the tide schedule so I wasn't sure if the tide was about to turn and leave me stranded, so I headed back.  My camera (just my cellphone) was pooping out too, I could have gotten some other great photos out here but technology was just not cooperating.

The photo below is from Sept. 20, but I thought I would post it here, it fits with the tidal ice theme:

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