Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Goliath turns three!

Our little Giant Sequoia moved to West Hollywood earlier this year.  We came along too.  He has his own corner of the roof deck now, and is thriving as he reaches for the sky.  I think the dead needles close to the trunk are a normal part of the growth phase, if I understand correctly, as the new growth is really healthy looking:

To see how big he is getting, here he is beside William the Orange, who used to tower over him.  (William has seven full-sized oranges this year, I'll post about that once they start to ripen):

Here's little Goliath last year, 2014, when he turned two, with William and his orange crop in the background:

And fall of 2013, when he turned one:

And the two below are from 2012, when he was just a little newborn giant sequoia, with his buddy William the Orange behind him to show how far he's come.  (William has gotten a little shorter, possibly, I think the top part might have died off and he got beefier, but still, he's not that much smaller.)

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