Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Point Buchon hike

When I checked on the internet before our trip to Morro Bay, to see what hikes were the best in the area, this one kept coming up.  It's on private land, owned by the power company, and you had to reserve a spot (or so they said) and sign in at the trailhead.  Sounded complicated, but I did it, and on Sept. 12 off we went.

It's a hike along the sea cliffs of the central coast:

There were many freestanding pieces of the old cliffs left in the water as they had eroded away:

The formations reminded me of elephants:

Towards the end of the trail, what's that?  Why ... it's a nuclear reactor!  Now it's more obvious to us why we had to sign in at the staffed trailhead:

We hadn't noticed this sign before the hike, we did on the way back though:

Just a couple more photos from the day, it really is a beautiful place:

A view of Morro Bay, taken from a lookout as we drove back into town:

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