Friday, October 26, 2012

Crispylicious! Juicylicious!

A couple of years ago I drove past this place in L.A. and promised to eat there and report back:

Jollibee is a fast food chain from the Philippines.  It's an American fried chicken and burger joint, to be specific.  I find it interesting that the American fast food concept gets exported to distant countries, and then the people from there export it right back.

I'd been wanting to try this for a while, but wasn't until I was passing by, ravenous after the Mount Baldy hike in August, that it became irresistible.  I had always wanted to try both the joy of the Chickenjoy and the yum of the Yumburger, but as it turned out Chickenjoy was on sale if you went for the bucket, so Chickenjoy it was!

The restaurant was full, and most of the patrons and many of the employees were Filipino, so it must be one of those essential tastes of back home for them.  It was crowded, so we got takeout.

Crispylicious!  Juicylicious!

I forget what they call those things on the left but they are a variation on sweet potato fries.

The verdict?  Not bad, reminds me of the texture of the newfangled KFC when they brought that out many years ago.  The breading is flaky, the chicken was OK, the flavour was pretty basic, but we realized there is a spicier version which we forgot to ask.

ChickenJOY though?  That's a tall order.  Chickensatisfaction, definitely.  I don't eat fast food much, but would I eat this again, if I needed a quick meal.

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