Monday, April 21, 2014

Zion: Western side, Part 1

We drove over to the western side of Zion National Park after doing the Outlook trail.  The first few photos I took (as a passenger) on the drive over there:

Funny roadside attraction:

We had to get back on Interstate 15 to get to the western entrance ... the speed limit on that section is 80 miles per hour!  Considering people often drive over the speed limit, I found that to be pretty darned fast.

The next set of photos are taken along the scenic drive in the Kolob canyon zone of the park:

At the end of the road, there is a trail with a short hike to a lookout.  I found this part of the trail to have an interesting construction method- I guess it allows runoff so that the trail doesn't get washed out, but it would be pretty deadly to blind people or anything on wheels!

Views were beautiful along the trail and at the lookout at the end:

Just a tree along the ridge the trail follows:

Coming up next, another trail in the Kolob Canyon zone ...

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