Thursday, August 21, 2014

March 19: Kolob Canyon river trail

Whoops, when I said last time that the rest of Kolob Canyon was coming up next, I didn't mean for it to take four whole months.  But here it is!  I was actually getting the very last of my photos in order from the Zion trip last March (and those will be coming up next, and not four months from now) and realized I hadn't posted these yet either.

So!  When we were at Kolob Canyon on March 19, we did a portion of another trail that followed a river for part of the way, we ran out of time to finish the trail but got a few nice photos anyway.  It was a nice trail, treed, following the drainage from the canyon.

These next two are kind of cool, they show an old, large, decaying tree underneath some huge rocks, so they must have come off the mountain just in the last hundred years or so:

Just some really cool rock patterns:

Signs of other humans having come before us on this trail:

The next bunch of photos are from the drive back to the hotel.  The "golden hour" of late-day light happened during the drive, we were pulling over like crazy to take photos, so if you are wondering if those amazing oranges and reds in the later photos are fake, they are not, it really was spectacular.

So ... one more hike coming up SOON, and then my photos from the Zion trip are done!

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