Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The other side of Haleakala National Park

On Dec. 2 we went to see the ocean side of Haleakala National Park.  The rain was easing up but showers were still intermittent.

Just another pretty little waterfall along the road on the way there from Hana:

I clicked the shutter too late on this one, but in several places all over Hawaii there would be large Poinsettia plants and hedges lining the roads:

This came out a bit blurry, but is a taste of the jungle drive on the way to the park:

An amazing waterfall on the way there:

Once there, I had my first up-close encounter with a banyan tree.  If you're not familiar with them, they send down aerial roots from the branches that grow into accessory trunks, very surreal and amazing:

We hiked along a short trail to the seven sacred pools.  In normal weather, these are tranquil, peaceful swimming holes with gentle waterfalls that trickle into them.  Not today!!

A bit of the coastline - the grey skies and black volcanic rock are making the greens really vibrant:

Here we're hiking further up the trail, above the pools, to another waterfall:

It rained on us, of course.  The hike was pretty miserable with the constant rain and the mud, no fun trying to stay on your feet either:

Here's the waterfall.  There was another really high one further up the trail, but the trail was closed up that way due to trees having fallen in the torrential rains and high winds the day before, so we just turned around here.

Some more poinsettias on the drive back - I never did get a good clear picture, but this gives you the idea!

More waterfalls ...

The drive takes you through many valleys between the mountains on the way back to central Maui.  This is the only good photo I got of one, I didn't mean to get myself in it but there I am...

We stayed in Kahului overnight to catch our plane the next day to go to Big Island.  From our decidedly budget hotel you could see a container ship being loaded:

And here is a view from the beach there.  It was finally clear enough that you could see the mountains on the west side of the island.

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