Monday, January 9, 2017

Wet drive to Hana

The drive to Hana is supposed to be one of the ten most scenic drives in the USA, and a strong contender for the most scenic drive in Hawaii.  It's a twisty road through the jungle that takes around 2.5 hours to drive around 50 miles.

December 1 was another insanely wet day.  Rain is common on the north coast of Maui, and they say it rains somewhere every day in Hawaii, but we happened to be there during a week when it was raining constantly and heavily all over the Hawaiian islands.

Before we left the Airbnb though, we found this guy in the bed:

It was raining so much and so hard that we didn't take many photos while driving, but here are a few:

Waterfalls that the guidebook says are usually a trickle or dried up, were going full blast due to all the rain:

I think they grow Taro down there:

We were at a fairly standard lookout, and then turned around and saw these waterfalls off in the distance:

This is out behind our condo hotel once we got to Hana:

This is a blowhole spewing water after a wave, although with so much rain coming down the other way it's hard to see it:

Once we got the condo we settled in for a while to wait out the weather, luckily it was a nice place.   We did get out for a short walk later to go for groceries, but it was getting dark by then so no pictures.

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