Monday, May 31, 2010

The portable life

I head to Nunavut again tomorrow.  This time, Arctic Bay for 3 months.

Arctic Bay is on the north end of Baffin Island, and is one of my favourite communities in Baffin region.  The landscapes are beautiful and varied, with lots of hiking and walking options that are easy to get to.  I don't think they get as many polar bears as most communities either, so there's the added bonus of there being less risk of being eaten while out and about.

I'm currently trying to stuff my life into one suitcase and 2 medium-large Rubbermaid tubs.  I'm pretty good at it.  I never know until the last minute whether or not I succeeded, so there's suspense, but I am optimistic that I will have pulled it off again.  Of course, it's not just stuffing the stuff into the containers, but judging the weight so that I can actually lift the darn things.

I overnight in Iqaluit on the way there, so I get to haul it all to a hotel as well (no luggage storage there, or at least there wasn't, but maybe I'll be lucky this time, but I doubt it.  In Resolute they let you just leave it in the terminal overnight, but Iqaluit usually makes you take it with you.)

I'll drop a line here from Iqaluit if I get the chance... I think my hotel has internet.  Otherwise, stay tuned, I will be no doubt taking a few pictures and posting them for your vicarious travel enjoyment.

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