Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tadpoles at Pink Lake

My friend Anne from Toronto was here for the weekend, and we went on a hike yesterday at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park.

The trail was very nice, as always...

But look, here's the real attraction!

OK,  you're not looking closely enough.  Here...

Tadpoles!  Aren't they adorable?  There were lots of them in the shallows of the east side of the lake.

Here's Pink Lake glowing typically green (it does for some biological reason that I've already forgotten, but basically the water in this lake doesn't mix like it does in a regular lake).

More of the trail towards the end of the hike...

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  1. I work with your brother Jeff who sent me the link to your blog/site. Love the pics, especially Pink Lake. My wife and I and our children usually go there once a year (not often enough!). Pink Lake is fantastic!