Friday, November 5, 2010

My car is going to be on CSI !

A friend of mine works as a "background actor" (extra), on TV and in movies in his spare time.  A few weeks ago he was complaining about the fact that he couldn't use his car for many parts where the extra had to supply one to be used on camera, as his had a big dent in the back of it (many cars in L.A. do, as they get hit by uninsured drivers, which there are a lot of), and it would stand out too much.  I told him that I rarely drive mine, and if a job came up where he needed a car to get the part, then he could borrow mine for the day.

Well, yesterday at dinnertime, my Corolla got the call.  It's been discovered, and it's going to be on CSI !

Why, just a couple of years ago this car was sitting in a parking garage in Ottawa, lonely, neglected, rarely going out except for a quick trip to Loeb or Zellers.  I inherited it when my Mom passed away, and quickly expanded it's horizons by driving it across the continent three times.  Still, I'm sure it never dreamed of a career on prime time TV. 

Here's a picture of my Corolla last evening, getting into character:

Today is it's big chance- it's on set as you read this.  TV episodes are typically filmed about 2 months before they air... I will be sure to let you know when to mark your calendars to watch my Corolla's debut performance.

Can an Emmy for Outstanding Sedan in a Drama Series be far behind?  It would be an honour just to be nominated.

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  1. Not so famous KathyNovember 5, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    Congratulations to you and your car. I have always wanted to be an extra in a film, so I think this is a little exciting. If I come to see you in L.A. sometime, you'll be an expert by then...I'll come to you for advice. I think you should be an extra too!