Tuesday, November 2, 2010

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

I'd heard about this event last year after the fact from a friend, and this year didn't want to miss it.  I went with a photography meetup group that goes every year.

It's quite the event!  There aren't too many activities, just a few stages with bands, and a stage where people could get up and show their costume, sing a song or dance, etc.  Mostly it's just people in costumes walking along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, out to be seen and to look at everybody else.  Everyone seems to have a camera, and everyone is both posing for pictures and taking them themselves.

Here are a few pictures...


  1. What did you go as N?

  2. I didn't dress up! I wore an orange sweater, that was as Halloweeny as I got.

  3. Awww. I thought you might have been one of the duckies, or even a robot...or maybe even the people holding up the picture frames, since you were with the photo club. Next year we want a picture of you in costume:0. Do you still have the scary french fries mask.