Friday, February 4, 2011

Lights! Camera! Advertising!

And the Oscar for best advertising campaign 2010 goes to... Pixar!

This arrived with the morning paper today:

A full-size Buzz Lightyear poster.  Toy Story 3 is a contender for Best Picture, but speculation is that the heavy campaign is really to position Buzz and the gang for Best Animated Feature.  He's been in numerous newspaper and other ads in L.A. too.

The flip side of the poster is pretty funny- the Toy Story characters appear in mock posters for the previous winners in the Best Picture category:

Last year's advertising for "Up" was pretty impressive too.  It was a soft-cover picture-book with photos from the movie.  I wish I'd kept it, but being chronically on the road, I reluctantly put it in the recycling bin when I went back to Canada.

With all this pressure for my vote, it almost convinces me that I have one!  I guess enough of my neighbors do, that I get clobbered with the advertising too.  When it's as clever as Pixar's, I don't mind one bit.

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