Monday, August 22, 2011

Flying south out of Arctic Bay

Just a few more photos to show you from my flight south on July 10.  I didn't mean to drag them out for this long!

Here is Holy Cross point from the east as we climb out of Arctic Bay:

I took a physical geography course in university but of course have forgotten all the words I learned for the various landforms.  So here are those fan-shaped thingies that form at the mouths of rivers:

Just some interesting landscapes, not the greatest photos though.  I do the best I can though a dirty airplane window and the variable moisture in the air:

Landscape on the cusp of becoming repetitive and boring:

... and that's it.  That was my trip to Grise Fiord this spring and early summer.  Not sure where I'll be going next, or when.


  1. "Delta", I believe - like the triangle-shaped Greek letter of the same name (Δ).

  2. That's it! And I probably didn't even need the university course for that one, just a better memory. Thanks, Philip!