Friday, August 26, 2011

My deeeluxe apartment in the sky

My desire to have a home base, combined with my migratory lifestyle, led me to buy a little one-bedroom condo in Ottawa last month.  It's in the near-west end of Ottawa, and is right on the Ottawa river and the bike path network.  I can walk to almost everything- malls, stores, library.  I like that I can lock it and leave it and not worry too much about it, which is impossible with a house.

It's on the 20th floor of a 25 storey building.  It has a great view of Britannia bay and the Deschennes rapids in the Ottawa river, as well as Mud lake.  Here's the view at sunset one day last week, looking at the rapids:

Not bad, eh?  I love having a sky view.  It faces west so I can watch the weather roll in too.

I haven't moved in yet, I have some renovations to do first.  Stay tuned and I'll post some photos of that as I try to re-make a somewhat drab (literally, wait until you see the wall colour) little apartment into something a little less drab.

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