Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Health Canada china

Back in the day, the health centres in northern Canada were all run by the federal government and were called nursing stations, and each one had a residence where the nurses lived communally.  Food was provided by the health department, and was ordered weekly or so by the nurses.

These residences were furnished by the department as well.  One of the head honchos back then, maybe in the 1970's or so, wanted the nurses to have nice things to use, and each nursing station was equipped with a set of fine china and silver.

In most of the communities this has long since worn out or broken, but sometimes in the smaller communities some of the china can still be found in one of the existing apartments.

Here is some of the place setting china:

Here's a close-up of the pattern, I forget the name of it already:

Pretty rare to still have the silver kicking around, and in it's original case too:

It's an interesting little quirk of history, to find it here and there in a few of the smaller communities across Canada.

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  1. Pretty cool! A bit of history that you can eat off of.