Thursday, September 29, 2011

Condo reno: Done!

I moved into the condo about a week ago.  Here are the official before and after pics from the reno I did.  I think I improved it at least a bit.

Here is the living room wall before and after the carpenter enlarged the window between it and the kitchen.  That and getting rid off the off-brown walls really increased the light:

Living room before and after the floors and paint were done.  The floors are a red-oak engineered hardwood.  (In a condo, you can't use solid hardwood as it expands too much on the concrete):

Dining room / entry:


Bedroom with the disturbing yellow paint and beige rugs.  Between that and the off-brown in the living room, I called it the pee-and-poo colour scheme.  Gone!

And the view of course is still amazing, no improvements needed there:

So that's where I'm living!  Closing day on my house sale is today.  I'll put some photos up of the old place once I am connected on internet (Bell has still not figured out how to move my internet connection, after a whole week!  I'm at the library right now.)

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