Friday, September 16, 2011

Expiry minute

As a nurse, I work a lot with expiry dates.  Drugs and other assorted medical doodads have a certain shelf life, and the month and year in which they need replacing is printed on the package.

In recent years expiry dates have been added to packaged foods that didn't always have them before.  As I was munching on some peanuts recently, my eyes passed over the expiry date.  I was pretty impressed, that wow, they don't just know that these nuts will go bad in June of next year, they think they know the exact date!  Then I looked closer...

They don't just know the day.  They have it timed right down to the hour, and indeed... the minute.  If I don't finish them on June 3, I'm gonna have to get up pretty darned early on the 4th to polish them off safely.

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