Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Condo reno: Floors finished

For the past couple of weeks the flooring installers have been working on my floors at my condo.  Here are some photos from during the process:

The hardwood boxes, tile boxes, and hardwood underpadding.

The first day they made lots of progress, the carpet and old baseboards were ripped out and they got the floors laid in the bedroom and the living room:

This is a couple of days later, the tile guy came and ripped out the tile, and then disappeared for a while, I think they said he was having a baby or something:

The front entry- I don't think I documented what it looked like before but it had a nondescript brownish tile before:

This is the kitchen without the tiles, the appliances have been taken out.  That roll of pink stuff is the underpadding, it's required in a condo for sound insulation.

Here are some before and after pics to show how drab the floors were before and now nice they are now.  Here's the bathroom, the white tiles are the old ones that came out.  The new tiles are a porcelain tile made to look like slate.  They're still very dusty, haven't swept yet:

Living room:

They did a nice job on the stairs down into the sunken living room (it's still dirty, I need to sweep and then damp mop to get all the dust up):

Bedroom- the carpet in here was particularly boring and nondescript:

Detail of the inside of the closet:

Kitchen- I really like how the new tiles add some contrast, the kitchen and bathroom were just pathologically neutral before:

So, all that's left is the painting, which is happening this week.  I'll take some photos once it's done.  I move in on Friday so I might not be free to put them up right away.

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  1. Very nice, Nancy! You may need to change the name of your blog now, though...:)