Friday, November 30, 2012

Moro rock

This distinctive bald chunk of mountain is Moro rock in Sequoia National Park.  Let's go!

Here is a view of it as we climbed up the switchback road, on August 28.  The road was under construction, and cars could only pass through the construction zone once an hour, so here we are in the string of cars passing through.

Here's the trail heading up the back of the rock.  Good thing it's got that railing in most places- it's a steep and scary trail!

Looking to the northeast from the trail:

Looking to the south from another spot of the trail, it wound back and forth going up the rock.  Here you can see the road we just drove up.

See, this rock is pretty steep in most places!  The trail has been carved and built into it, probably back in more destructive times in park history.

Up up up... it was pretty darn cool.  There were lots of people climbing, even though they're not in many of my photos.  There was lots of complaining from people along the trail - it's very popular, and I think a lot of people on it aren't really hikers.  Even little short-legged purse dogs were gamely shooting up the stairs.

The top!  It's got a railing around it, which is a good thing.

Proof I was there:

Ed took these two photo panoramas from the summit:

Fun!  Next stop is Crystal Cave, which we visited the next day, so don't go far...

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