Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sequoia National Park: Tunnel rock and water chute

We got to Sequoia late in the day, but still had time to take in a couple of sights and do a quick trail.  Below is our first view of Moro rock from the roadside - we'll be going up that in a couple of days!

Below is tunnel rock- the road used to go through here, it's been rerouted to the right now.

We took a little trail that went down to the banks of the Kaweah river.  These holes are where the Native Americans who lived here previously would grind food.

There is a campground near here so people walk over and go swimming in the river:

We took a little trail up into the woods that we assumed didn't go anywhere, and it came to this water chute.  It reminds me a bit of log chutes I've seen in Canada, but it has too many twists and turns to have been a log chute, must be for rerouting water in the rainy seasons:

Here are some more people swimming a little further upstream.  Some guys were also body surfing over a small waterfall, too far from the trail to get a photo though.

Ed put this photo together as a panorama, you can see the chute, and the river down below on the right:

Here's a control for diverting the water into the chute:

Further downstream, here is a control gate:

... and that was it for the first day.  Stay tuned for a hike in the beautiful Mineral King area of the park.

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