Friday, October 10, 2014

Escalante National Monument: Burr Trail Road

This road begins at the Notom-Bullfrog Road, and starts with a set of switchbacks up the mountain.  Supposedly this is really scary when driving the other way, but we didn't find it overly daunting travelling in the upwards direction, especially since the road was completely dry.  It was Sept. 25.

This photo is looking up at the switchbacks, they don't show up well due to the angle of the sun:

Here's looking back down though from most of the way up ...

At the top ... driving westward:

... and we turned north on Route 12, back towards Torrey, where the hotel was.  The landscape changed, became green, and forested in places:

Saw some free range cows ... and these cows are REALLY free range, there are no fences keeping them off the road, although they seemed to have some street smarts.  Not enough street smarts to hitch a ride to the cattle sanctuary though ...

There were a bunch of pull-outs with scenic overlooks - the juxtaposition of the green hills and forest against the desert formations in the background was really cool.

A couple final photos taken in the golden hour, almost back at Torrey:

Tomorrow, we drive from Torrey to Escalante ...

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