Monday, November 23, 2009

High heels and the American Music Awards

I enjoyed this year's American Music Awards, and I don't mean on T.V.  I was there.

A bike-club friend of mine, who is also new to town, had two tickets and invited me to go.  It sounded like fun, but what to wear?!?!  I'd moved here on the whatever-fits-in-the-backseat-of-a-Corolla packing strategy, and my finery (what little I own) did not make the trip with me.

I found the quintessential little black dress at Nordstrom, where luckily a sale was on.  I got the shoes on sale there too- do you see them?  They're HEELS!  I don't think I'd worn real heels since high school.   I call them training heels since they helpfully have a little strap on them that not only serves a fashion purpose, it helped hold the darn things onto my unskilled feet.  The jacket I have on (it was late afternoon and getting a bit nippy, plus I am getting a bit soft) is my Beverly Hills bargain from my shopping trip last week.

I ended up doing more walking in the heels than I would have hoped, as parking was a nightmare, despite the fact that my friend had researched the situation ahead of time.  Then, once we arrived, they were dividing up the attendees by seating area and having them stand in these incredibly long outdoor lines, which we then had to walk to and then walk to the end of, before being slow-marched back to the theatre.

The awards were at the Nokia theatre, where they hold things like this, and the Emmys too.  It's big, and the stage was very impressive, there's a photo of it at the bottom.  Cameras weren't allowed, but there was lots of electronic camera and video happening up in the balcony where we were, and my friend had one.

The show was great!  Lots of popular artists played (Green Day, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Keith Urban, and others.)  When they announced Eminem was coming up it reminded us we were hungry, and luckily I had some contraband (they don't allow food either) tucked into my purse... M&M's!  How appropriate.  They sure hit the spot- the 3-hour show was at 5, and we had started travel and parking procedures just after 3, so with no intermissions one does tend to get a bit peckish.

It was a great evening, and my feet survived with only one superficial wound and one blister.  I still think heels are insane, but they did look awfully nice with the dress.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. I just knew this would happen! (sniff) First the bug-eye glasses, then high heels, then WHAM! -right into the glamourous life. What's next, BOTOX?!?! We're losing her, Fellow Hosers, we're losing her!!

  3. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO NANCY!!! Where is the helmet head that we all know and love. YOU SAW GREEN DAY MY FAVORITE BAND!!!! I guess having to sit through Witney Houston would make up for it. Do you have space in your apt for me.?