Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No dogs on the escalators

On my way to the farmer's market I walk through the local Nordstroms (dep't store, somewhat upscale). I always do a double take when I pass the escalators- there's a prominent sign asking that you please don't take your dog on the escalator, and to use the elevator instead for safety reasons.

Dogs in stores! It seems to be more the rule that they are allowed here, as I've never seen a sign saying "we're dog friendly", but very occasionally see one that says no dogs except for guide dogs allowed. That said, you don't see them too often while shopping, but I have been sniffed by small and expensive canines while browsing the sale racks.

In other shopping experiences, I was in Ralph's (ubiquitous grocery store) a while back and was looking for carrots. I found them, but they were organic, and I was just looking for regular, toxic carrots. Couldn't find them anywhere... and then it dawned on me... they were all organic! Organics in the grocery stores here aren't segregated into their own overpriced aisle, they're just the norm, and not expensive either. Not everything is organic, and I haven't really studied the situation, but I know that at least 80% of the veggies I have bought here in the past 2 months have been organic, and I hadn't been seeking them out.

The evenings have been getting cooler for the past few weeks, so I've been looking to buy a little jacket, the kind I never wear in Canada because the mildly cool season lasts around 10 minutes so I don't really need one, and I find that everything they have on the racks is just too darned warm for the evening temperatures. Hoods, fur, heavy. Hmmm. I'll keep working on this one. I'd ask, "what do the locals wear", but I've been checking them out and they are dressed way too warmly for the temperatures, so this won't be easy.

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