Saturday, January 13, 2018

Arches National Park: Double Arch

This trail is handily located across the parking lot from the Windows trail, so once we were done there we headed off to have a look at Double Arch.

Heading towards it on the trail, you can see it off to the left, a couple of holes of sky poking through the rock.

It gets more impressive as you get closer.  It's big!

Taken from inside the arch:

That's me - it was tricky scrambling up there, and some wind when I got there so a little scary:

Heading back, the golden hour was in full swing and made for beautiful colours on the rocks.  You can see a tiny baby arch forming in the photo below:

I think these next photos are of the formations called "The Parade of Elephants", I snapped them as we drove by on our way out of the park.

Just a couple more landscape pics on our drive out, the moon was coming up:

That concluded our hikes and sights from Dec. 1.  We'll be back in the park for more tomorrow ...

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