Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chocolate bunny condoms!

These were being passed out this week at the Health Centre:

Yes, chocolate bunny condoms for Easter!  No, I'm not kidding.

These aren't the first theme condoms I've seen in Nunavut.  A few years back, there were some distributed that were advertised as being the flavours of traditional game animals.  The meat, I assume, not the...  well, you know.  However, that campaign was cheeky false advertising; in small print at the bottom of the poster they said, "just kidding".

These, however, really are flavoured.  Well,  I guess don't know that for sure, we only gave them a sniff test at work, not a taste test.  But everybody's chocolate eggs will be extra well protected this year, which will no doubt be reflected in next year's chocolate chicken population.  Hopefully the chocolate bunnies will continue to breed like rabbits in order to pick up the slack!

The next holiday designated to have it's own flavoured condom...  Mothers Day!  No, I'm really not kidding.  If you're wondering what motherhood tastes like, (spoiler alert!) ... it's grape.

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