Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 11: Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario... I"m back!

There was a bit of snow on the drive today but never heavy and no accumulation, temps were above zero.  Glad to get off the road after 11 days of travelling!  Here are a couple of photos.

These are from the rest stop on the border of Pennsylvania and New York:


... and here's the familiar landscape of the St. Lawrence Valley, on the New York side of the border:


Quite a trip!  It was interesting to see the landscapes change and winter gradually reappear as I made my way east and north.  I think it was around 5500 km, a bit longer this route (it was just short of 5100 in the opposite direction last September), but around 200 or 250 km of that was the side trips I did to the Grand Canyon, and to the caves in Virginia.  So the difference in total between the two routes would be around 200 km or so, which isn't a big deal, especially since the southern route is easier, if a bit longer.

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