Thursday, March 25, 2010

Iqaluit to Qikiqtarjuaq

I had 3 hours between flights, so while I was in Iqaluit I walked to the Caribrew Cafe.  It's in the Frobisher Inn, and I go there because 1) I know where it is and 2) it's pretty much the furthest fast-food type place I know of from the airport, and I like the walk.

I was excited to see some Asian items behind the glass counter, so I tried this one, it's called Rice Noodles with Soy Sauce.  It wasn't that great.  The price didn't faze me ($7, pretty small portion as you can see with plastic fork and lemon to give perspective), but it was reaaaaallly salty, almost too salty to eat.  To me, it tasted like Ramen noodles, overcooked, and seasoned with the little soup mix that comes with it, without the water.  I'm actually thinking that really is what it was.  I called it "Unidentified Mushy Noodles with Fetal Shrimp", as those tiny reconstituted dried shrimp had been added.  It was edible, but just barely.  I've eaten here before and other stuff they make is better.  Oh well, they tried.

The Iqaluit fire station (I think the pool is in this building too although I could be wrong) has some graffiti-style artwork on the side:

Here's a close-up of the psychedelic Narwhal:  It has a little human inside it that's being squeezed by something octopus-like.

At 12 pm and again at 1 pm, there are mini rush-hours (rush-minutes) in Iqaluit as people head home for lunch and then back to work.  This is the 1 pm rush hour on an alternate route.  It was a little longer a line, but a couple of cars turned while I fished out my camera:

It was snowing as we headed to Qik, so here are the de-icers working on our plane:

Here's the apron of the Iqaluit airport as we headed out.  That's a big cargo plane to the left behind us.

The vividly coloured terminal building (I love it!)

Couldn't see much since it was snowing after all, but here is a chunk of coastline as we are heading into Qikiqtarjuaq.  Not sure if this is mainland or island (Qik is on an island, used to be called Broughton Island):

Here is a lobe of the town as we came in for a landing:

... and that's all for today.  Hope to be back soon with some more photos, probably on the weekend, weather willing.  Today's photos aren't that great as it was snowing.

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