Friday, June 25, 2010


On the hill above Uluksan point, there are two (at least) graves.  Going from memory from when I was here in 2006, I don't think it's known for certain who is buried here.  The marker has no text, or nothing remaining.

You can see the coffin right under the stones.  You can see the edge of the coffin in the top photo too.

A short distance south of the other grave is this one that is open or caved in:

Just a photo of the view from this site.  I thought the ice looked really cool with the melted water on top and the reflections in the irregular surface.

There are some other stone graves below this hill that have opened over the years, one even has some human bones in it (a lower jaw and a femur or two, plus some other bones I'm not certain of, but probably pelvic fragments).


  1. How come nobody ever opened the coffin to seek answers inside? Perhaps more clues could come out it someone did... Seems easy to do as no digging is involved.

    On the second part of my line of tough up here, it makes me wonder how come large predators never disturbed the grave. The one with the stones looks accessible and those rocks are no match for a polar bear.

  2. Wow, that grave has a million dollar view!