Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hike up a mountain

On Sunday, I hiked up the second highest mountain (I think) that's surrounding Arctic Bay.  I don't know if this one has a name, but it's one of the ones just north of the town, between Arctic Bay and Victor Bay.  What great weather it turned out to be, much better than what had been forecast.

This huge raven at the top of the mountain was luckily just a tiny bit more afraid of me than I was of it (they're big!):

There's a cairn at the top, with a wooden beam planted in the middle of it.  That's Victor Bay in the background.  Victor Bay is just behind the hills north of town.  Those mountains in the far distance are on the other side of Strathcona Sound:

You'll have to click this one below, it's a panorama of what you can see from the cairn.  Victor Bay is on the left (north), and Arctic Bay is on the right (south).  It's quite a view.  This panorama is around 300 or so degrees of it.

Here's a raven's-eye close-up of the new subdivision, which is to the west of town.  You can see a new housing unit under construction at the lower left:


  1. So, suburban sprawl has reached Arctic Bay! How do the construction materials get there? Those look like blue shipping containers at the lower left.

  2. The materials come up on ships in the late summer, once the ocean becomes navigable.