Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New housing unit going up

I'm always amazed at how fast the outer shell of a building gets framed, it always makes the rest of the construction of it seem so slow.

Here is a new multi-plex (I think it will have six units) under construction.  The first photo is from June 13th, looking at the floor from the front of it from up on the mountain:

Next photo is from June 22, looking at the back as the side walls go up:

June 24 from the front:

June 27 from the back:


  1. Hi!

    I used to live up in AB (07-09) and I'm wondering where exactly that new plex is being built... if I remember my AB geography correctly, the road that is behind it leads towards the other multi plexes in town .. if so ... did they move the other houses that used to stand there? or is everything just in another area (ie: behind the big blue house)

  2. Hi Kennie- it's between the hotel and the road that turns off for Victor Bay, on the south side of the road. Not sure if there was something else on the site before. It's in the new subdivision, although the older part of it, so I'm guessing the site was empty before.