Monday, June 14, 2010

Walk to Uluksan Point

Saturday evening the weather was clearing and I went for a walk out to Uluksan Point.  It's around a 40 minute walk from the centre of town.

There are two roads out of the south end of town, that merge a little to the south, here I'm heading up the hill to get on the higher one.  You can see reflections in the melt water lying on the surface of the sea ice:

Another view as I climb the road:

The road goes past the cemetery:

This is the road to Uluksan Point.  It's fairly new, it wasn't there when I was last here in 2006.

Some tidal ice along the shoreline:

Here's Uluksan Point.  Those mountains are on the southern side of Adams Sound:

Some rocks on the hill behind the point:

This is an archeological site.  There are the remains of seven (I think) ancient houses here.  The foundations are made of stone, and then in the summers they would have been covered with skin tents.  Here are three of them:

Two more:

I took this photo heading back into town.  I liked the boats lined up waiting for the thaw, plus you can see a modern re-creation of one of the traditional houses, covered with a canvas tent, in the lower right hand corner:

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