Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park

I went for a walk over to the territorial park here in Iqaluit this afternoon.

This first pic is from the walk on the way over, that's Frobisher Bay.  The ice at the shore is looking pretty dirty.

Here's the park entrance:

This is the trailhead.  Parts of the trail were still snow-covered, but it was thin snow and pretty well packed if you were careful to walk in someone else's footprints:

Spring runoff in one of the little streams you see all over the tundra at this time of year:

A little lake about halfway up the trail:

A view of the fuel tanks:

The little lake, from the other side:

There's a picnic table in the middle of this one below, can you see it?

View of Iqaluit with the airport in the middle ground.  That's the First Air freighter landing on the runway:

View to the north:

Hey, I saw a purple saxifrage!  Just these two, and 3 others on the verge of blooming right near them:

So that's what south Baffin island looks like at the beginning of June.  High arctic to follow soon...

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