Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fire aftermath

Last Tuesday (August 11) I had a chance to climb the hill where the fire had been the week before.  I was happy to see that it had not been the grave that had burned, but a swath of tundra.  I'm not sure if the strip of disturbed tundra (part of which is shown above) was just from the fire, or was partly dug up by firefighters as they fought it.

However, I then walked up the hill a bit higher to see the grave site, and all was not well there.  The cross is gone:

... as compared to how it looked back on June 22:

Hmm, that's too bad.  Looks like vandalism, but who knows.  Sad to see a grave and historical site altered like that.

The clouds were really interesting that evening, here's what they looked like on my walk over there, the wispy clouds on the little hills that make up Holy Cross Point were very pretty:

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