Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last Tuesday, the first cargo ship arrived.  Below is a pic of the ship and one of it's two barges that it uses to bring cargo to shore and bring old stuff that's being taken out of the community back to the ship.

This is the new stuff that's arrived in crates (mostly- I think that school bus is going to be taken out):

Here they are loading up some of last year's empty sea cans to go back down south and be filled up again.

Barge of empty sea cans heading back to the ship:

They're a self-contained operation, they even bring their own heavy equipment to deliver the sea cans around town.  At the end of the operation, they load it back up onto a barge and head back to the ship:


  1. This is a very good documentary on the SeaLift. One question pops into my mind while I read this article: Why in hell would they need a school bus in such a tiny community? Can't people walk to school? Its not like the place is a huge town. In Quebec, you don't get the services of the school bus if you live less than 1 mile from school. Sounds wasteful considering the cost fuel propably is up there...

  2. I just came across your blog through Townie Bastard. Wow, that is quite in Ottawa, work in Nunavut, but spend winter in LA...Hmmm. What an interesting life!

    I shall go back and read your blog posts. I did look at your first one, but it didn't describe why you have such a unique schedule like that. Wow, what kind of job do you have?

  3. Hi Melodie- I'm a nurse, I do contracts. Makes for a very flexible schedule!

  4. That's cool! I'll keep reading your blog then! Enjoy!