Monday, August 30, 2010

Marcil Creek

Marcil Creek feeds Marcil Lake, which is where our water comes from in Arctic Bay.  I'd seen it several times from first bridge, where the road between town and the Nanisivik airport crosses over the creek.  Yesterday, I drove out to first bridge on the ATV and went hiking up the creek.

I liked the mix of rounded and rough rocks at the side of the creek:

OK, around a corner and the creek heads east.  I climbed that hill on the right to get past this cliff area:

The next photos might look very similar, but I like the way they show the change in the creek as I make my way upstream:

These flat rocks were nice for walking on.  It other areas it was boulders:

Lots of rapids and little waterfalls the whole way:

Looking back the way I came:

I came to a spot where it was too steep at the water's edge to hike further along the creek, so I headed up a mountain to the south:

It gave a good view of this gravel cliff to the north.  I heard some rocks fall from it when I was on my way back.  There's nothing to show perspective, but this is very high and steep.

Looking east along the creek.  There's a tributary there to the north (left).

Here's a view to the west from the top (or thereabouts) of the hill I climbed.  That's the south side of Adams Sound at the upper left, Holy Cross Point below it, and the St. George's Society Cliffs at the upper right, with Marcil Creek flowing towards it.  Marcil Lake (where the water comes from) is below Holy Cross Point.  Quite a view!

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