Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Wireless" internet

Since I'm here for 3 months, I decided to subscribe to internet for my apartment.

The internet here is wireless.  Not wireless from the computer to the modem though, you need a cable for that.  It's wireless to the antenna that communicates to the satellite.

Because my apartment is encased in metal (it's in the breadbox-like roof of the health centre), I have to put my modem in a window.  It works pretty well, it only goes down if there are solar storms or something (which happened a few times in June, for a few evenings in a row).  It's not lightning quick, but is a lot faster than the internet at work.

If you travel within Nunavut, you can just pack up your modem and take it with you, and you're connected via your own connection in whatever community you're visiting.

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