Tuesday, August 10, 2010


OK, this is old news already, but it's been busy so I haven't been putting stuff up in a timely manner.  Last Tuesday, August 3 there was a fire up in the hills.  I saw and smelled it as I went hiking up the hill behind the clinic.  I can't think of anything up that way that could be burning except that above-ground coffin, I hope it's not that, not sure from the photo if that's the exact spot it would be.  I meant to ask around but it's been busy so I didn't get to, keep forgetting now.

After around half an hour of burning, the town fire alarm went off and the fire engine started making it's slo-mo trek (rough roads) out there.  By the time they got there the smoke had started to diminish.  Around half an hour after that I heard the fire siren again and saw the engine heading out again, so maybe it had re-ignited.

I want to get up there and investigate, but that night was my last evening not on either first or second call for a long time, we are going down to two nurses for a while as they left a gap between someone leaving and didn't fill it fast enough with the next relief person.  So, whatever burned will have to wait for me.  In the arctic though, things do tend to lie around unchanged, so I should be able to see what was on fire when I eventually do get up there.

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