Friday, September 3, 2010

The endless march of progress

In July I did a "then and now" post comparing the new subdivision in 2006 with the way it looks in 2010.  It's changed again since then.  Another new road has been put in. 

Here's how it looked back on July 2:

And below is how it looked on August 23.  They started putting that big new road in at the end of July.

The new subdivision will soon be bigger than the historic district!  Although I am guessing it will take a few more years to fill up those new roads with houses.

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  1. When I arrived in 1999, there were only 9 other houses in this part from the Victor Bay road on. The 10 retrofits from Nanisivik were in place but yet to be retrofitted. Since 1999 (and discounting those 10 retrofits) 52 units have been added up there. That total includes the B&B and duplex that burnt down, but doesn't include the five plex by the hotel, the hotel, or Moses' house.

    It won't take that long to fill up. As I understand there are 10 prefab single family dwellings and another five plex coming in this sealift. Plus there (hopefully) will be the new Nursing Station in the near future.