Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flight over South Baffin and Northern Quebec

When I flew home on Sept. 7, the weather was clear and beautiful heading out of Iqaluit.  The tide was low and the tidal flats (do they call them that in the arctic?) were exposed:

These next two pictures are of the south side of Frobisher Bay:

Heading inland over south Baffin island:


At the coast of south Baffin island.  There's a waterfall (I think, or rapids) visible at the mouth of that river in the upper left hand corner:

This is the coastline of northern Quebec:

I don't know what river this is heading north, but it's a big one:

Heading inland into northern Quebec.  I love the different patterns of the lakes and rivers the glaciers carved in different areas:

Another river:

A big lake:

I think the photo below shows the treeline, or at least the shrubline.  ;-)  The trees are growing in the lower areas near the waterways:

This is a closeup of the river in the above photo.  This looks like a man-made dam of some kind, but we're still pretty far north:

A little further down the same river:

... and, after that, there were clouds and the rest of the trip was overcast until we got to just north of Ottawa.

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  1. Nice pictures! Some look like they were taken from space!