Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At the top of the hill on my Marcil Creek hike, I came across this thing.  I thought, someone was playing golf all he way up here, with deformed balls!  It's a mushroom.  Haven't seen any like this before.  It was there all alone:


  1. Its a puffball, not uncommon here. Travis delights in stepping on the ones that have gone to spore, making little green-brown clouds swirl up from the ground.

  2. So that's a puffball in it's pre-spore days... cool! Don't think I ever saw one before. I saw a couple of them that had gone to spore, and I have to confess I share Travis's passion for crushing them.

  3. I have one in the back yard... only thing is that its almost the size of a soccer ball. Will take a picture soon and post to my blog.