Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Greener, hotter, steamier

I'm on day 2 of my relatively slo-mo drive across America.  I tried to post some day 1 photos yesterday but the internet connection was lost, I'll try again soon.

I spent last night in Wilkes Barre, which is just south of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Tonight I'm in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  It's hot down here!  It's been pretty toasty all day today, through all 4 states (highway 81 cuts through slivers of Maryland and West Virginia between PA and VA.)  I guess it can be like that in Ontario this time of year too, but it hasn't been since I got back from Arctic Bay, so it was a bit of an oppressive novelty.

It reminds me why I go all the way to California for my winter warmth... I don't like humidity, and they have plenty of that here too.

I went to some caves today, and I think I got some good photos, I'll post those later on too.  Yesterday I wasted so much time trying to upload pictures, that I'd hate to do that again tonight and not have them go through, so my regular readers will just have to wait in suspense.

Tomorrow I drive to eastern Tennessee.  Hopefully the drive will have less traffic, fewer construction sites, and a thinner concentration of Corolla crushers on the road than today's drive did.  Pennsylvania sure is pretty though, and the leaves are starting to change in the mountainous areas, so the drive did have it's pleasant moments too.

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