Monday, September 20, 2010

Sculptures at Remic Rapids

At Remic Rapids in Ottawa, a local sculptor does these works in balanced stone every year.  The theme to this year's display is "Community", if I remember correctly.  He's been doing these for a long time, and I think he keeps improving over the years, although they were always very good.  They get knocked down every spring when the river breaks up.  I think after doing them for so many years, he must know the rocks there pretty well- I wonder if he goes looking for his favourites?

Usually they are all or mostly in the water, but this year the water is very low, so they are mostly milling about the shoreline.  There are a million ugly green signs propped against them telling you not to touch them, but I have thoughtfully photoshopped most of them out for you.  I took these pictures on September 15.

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